Monday, December 5, 2016

An update from Victoria

It’s been a year and a half in Miami. Yep, I have been living in Florida as my heart has been crying for me back home, in Indonesia. I’ve been attending Barry University getting my Bachelors of Fines Arts: my major is photography and my minor is advertising. This past semester has been filled with twists and turns. Since I am busy and sometimes lazy I know many of you may not know some of the blessings I have come across here, even though I’m all alone (with no family of any kind) down here.  Firstly, it is the beginning of December and I’m not freezing. As a matter of a fact, I woke up this morning and turned the A.C. on because I was sweating. Additionally, I was so blessed this past summer to go back to Indonesia and see my family, friends, and country.

During August I traveled almost everyday: Indonesia to Korea for a layover (was suppose to be Hong Kong but a typhoon was destroying that city at the time… figures…), to New York City to spend time with my special someone, to Atlanta for a layover, to Nebraska to be a bridesmaid in one of my bestest friend’s weddings (Amelia Hegle’s  Rempel’s wedding), to Kentucky during a small road trip with an old friend from Indonesia, to get broken down in Ohio, then to Pittsburgh, to Johnstown, back to Pittsburgh, back to New York City, and then finally to begin school in Miami a few days late. Did I mention this was all done with my missionary kid budget of maybe $60? However, I was BLESSED TREMENDOUSLY to be able to work for Mrs. Samuel’s pro-life daycare in Pittsburgh a little over midway through my travels, which gave me about $70 to start with in Miami till I could work on September 1st! SOOO blessed!
Now, some more blessings that have come my way are: jobs, my church, my living situation, my city-boy, and my family. I have been blessed with three jobs here in Miami! ALL ARE ON MY SCHOOL’S CAMPUS! Now, last year I was traveling one hour to work and one hour back for a minimum waged job for night shifts. These jobs were huge for me! I work at the photography studio on campus, the newspaper, and the sports bar as the events coordinator’s assistant. I found a church this semester! I have been attending Harvest Bible Church which is a 20 minute walk from me! Funny story: one of their largest “branches” is in KL, Malaysia, just a short flight from home! Small world! I am in the process of getting involved with their high school ministry for January. Also, I am living in an apartment with two other beautiful ladies: my roommate Andrea and my suite mate Emma are both perfect house-mates that are prone to positivism! It is nice living in a real place (though small) because I don’t feel like a stranger to the United States too much anymore. Another big blessing has been Andres.

Andres and I met September of 2015 and started dating that late October. He is from Manhattan, New York (though it’s also a big city, I’ve realized it’s very different than third-world Indonesia.) His mom is full Peruvian and his dad is full Ukranian. He laughs a lot, blows his nose like an elephant, and has a huge heart for justice. He is also going to Barry University. He is getting a Bachelors of Communications with his major in Broadcasting and Emerging Media. Lastly! My family! Being in the United States I have truly missed my family. However, I’ve been blessed with the ability to text my older brother (which after going four years without seeing him, this is a luxury), I can call my grandparents and awesome cousins and see them all during the holidays, and the Indo-crew is coming back this summer! Come this time next year, I’d have everyone living in the same country!!!!!

Blessings upon blessings for me!!

“Always be joyful. Never stop praying. Be thankful in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you who belong to Christ Jesus.” 1st Thessalonians 5: 16-18

Saturday, February 7, 2015

A word from Reba

When I came to Indonesia, it was a few weeks before my 11th birthday. I was excited but scared to begin this journey in a new place, away from family. At my birthday party, all of these people that I didn’t know were there and eating my cake (haha). But as time went on from that point, these people and the community here became a family in it's own entirety. I was not alone in anything. In times, I felt alone and wished to be back with my crazy family, who happen to be some of the best people in the world. But, I knew that although I said goodbye to some, I still said see you later to others. Throughout my years of middle school in the sixth grade to high school in the tenth grade, I have missed my family more and more, but have also gained a bigger family as well. I have shared laughs, tears, prayers, and sweat with so many of the people here from sports, to studying, to classes, to class meetings, to chapels. I have grown to love the people here and although I know that one day (sooner than later) I will leave this wonderful community, not to return for a while, just as I did before my birthday in 2010. Now, in 2015, I am now getting to reflect back on all of my stupid moments, prayers, and funny jokes (I have made LOTS of funny jokes - hehe) and seeing how much life has changed in those five years. But this summer, as I get to go back to one of my two homes, I am more than excited to see all the friends, family, and loved ones I haven’t seen in so long (as well as the yummy foods I get to eat - going to grandma’s!) and get to have new memories made. I can’t wait to see everyone this summer! About 4 months left! :)

Friday, June 6, 2014

A Little Message From William

    Hello everyone!  I just finished 5th grade and now I am going into 6th. My 5th grade year was pretty fun we had a field trip to a huge telescope up in the mountains we saw jupiter, mars, and so many stars. We learned about different ecosystems. We also had a lock in with s'mores and a fun game called cops and smugglers. Basically all lights are off and there are 4 cops with flash lights and the rest are smugglers with no light. The smugglers have to get stuff to a room without the cops finding out but the cops can arrest smugglers.  
    We also had a team-building day.  We had to stand on a really teeny-tiny mat. We also had to get people across wooden planks and the person in the back had to pass it to the front so they could get across. I learned that people that work together are better than people who work alone.

     I'm so exited for 6th grade, I can have junk food for snack and sit anywhere I want for lunch! But I am a bit nervous as well because of homework and all that junk.  I will have new friends and classes are harder. Also, that summer is when we come home!!  I cant wait to see everyone again.
I miss a lot about America.  I miss my family.  I am excited to go home for the first time in FIVE years next summer.  I don't remember Taco Bell - but everyone talks about it.  So that is what I want to eat first.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Becoming Home

                   Hi. My name is Rebekah LaRue Newell. I have lived here, in Indonesia, for about 4 years now with my family. Since being here there has been a lot of ups and downs for me personally. I came here in 2010, my first year of middle school. During this year, I felt out of place and was missing home. However, by the end of this year I felt like I was getting used to the place even though my brother had graduated and left country. That year was definitely a year of transition. I hardly remember the events, but I do remember the emotions.
                  My seventh grade year was the year that everything was getting really good. Even though my brother had left, as I said before, and I missed him terribly, I finally felt like this place was becoming home. BAIS was no longer just a school by the end of that year. My class was no longer just classmates. They became my family. They filled the spot of my big Italian and Irish family back home. They didn't replace them; they never could, but they gave me the feeling only a family could give - the feeling of being loved.
                  My eighth grade year was hard. It was the final year of middle school and I was going through a lot of stuff within my class and with others. I was also playing soccer in the beginning of the year and went to IISSAC. (IISSAC stands for Indonesian International Small School Activities Conference. IISSAC is where we go to different schools that participate and we play sports. We go three times a year for soccer, basketball, and swimming/cross country/badminton.) When I went to soccer IISSAC I learned about being a part of a team and I got to know other people in my school well, who are outside of my class. After soccer IISSAC, I was on a spiritual high. But then it went low. This started my now constant of sprirtual high and lows. Which of course, means I need to get in the Word more because I know I don't get into it nearly enough. At the end of this year we had the eighth grade banquet which meant the end of my time in middle school.
                 I am now in the ninth grade, my first year of high school. Being in high school isn't as hard as I thought it would be, although I have struggled more so far this year than any other year, I know that BAIS and Indonesia is still my home even though I miss the States. Honestly, I don't miss it as much as I used to. I would love to go back and see my friends and family and I can't wait to. This is my home. I finally feel comfortable in it even though it sometimes is hard to be here. It has finally become home and the people have finally become family. Happy new years 2014! :)